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Your Prom should be the reward for all of the hard work and dedication your students have put forth the previous years to complete their education and move forward into their adult lives. THE PROM should be a memorable and happy experience, full of good friends, bright lights and fun music.

The same goes for any other party event. It's a time for celebration and you'll want a professional behind the microphone who has all the CLEAN hits and knows how to get your guests on the dance floor and keep them there!

Our home base of operations is Abilene Texas. Within 300 square miles of this city, there are 100+ school districts that have proms, homecoming dances, awards banquets and fund raisers. Unfortunately for these schools, there are a limited number of DJs available. We book on a first come first serve basis and make every attempt to make it as affordable as possible depending on your school size.


Proms are paid for in various ways, from community donations, class and parent-teacher fund raising activities and by previous or projected sales of tickets for the prom itself. We understand that proms are expensive. You have the venue rental, decorations, food, refreshments, security, printing costs and more. THE DJ usually is the singular biggest cost but cumulatively cheaper than all the other items combined that go into the planning and production of the prom event.

The adage "You get what you pay for" is especially true for us DJs. The Pro has dedicated his life to the music business. It takes time, effort and money to purchase quality equipment, legal music, advertising with a professional website like this one and most of all it takes practice to turn all of that expense into profit. For those of us who excel in this business, it is our career. For the guy wanting the extra buck to play his favorite songs, it’s a rip off and unfortunately, you will pay the price.

It’s NOT about price. It’s ABOUT Experience.

I offer you six different package experiences. Each package builds upon the former. Even with The Freshman Package, you’re going to get up to five hours of great entertainment. We’ll work with you the committee on the playlist and determine what songs that are requested that we can and cannot play. Every package after that simply adds more glitz and glamour. If you want the basic show, The Freshman is it. If you want Broadway, then it’s time to move up to the Graduation package. Or select from options in between.  We even have Karaoke.


This is our MOST POPULAR package for DJ and Dance Floor Lighting and is the basis for all the following packages. All the following packages include:

  • Up To Five hours of nonstop entertainment
  • Certified professional DJ Entertainer with over 20 years Club and Party experience
  • Vibrant Sound System designed around the venue for the most perfect sound
  • Popular hits and lines dance in any genre with Clean Edits from Promo Only
  • Planning and promotional materials to help build excitement for your coming event

Your investment: $600.00


Everything from The Freshman Package, plus Up Lighting. You get eight (10) wireless up lights in your school color to accent the walls surrounding the stage, venue walls or entrance way. (Additional up lights available).

MCDJ, Audio System, Dance Floor Lighting and Up Lighting

Your investment: $800.00


Everything from The Sophomore Package plus our Signature Monogram. Think of ‘The Batman Signal Light’ but this is your school name or initials or mascot figure emblazoned on the floor or wall of your venue, in your school color! It adds an added visual punch to the night’s events and looks incredible as a backdrop for pictures.

MCDJ, Audio System, Dance Floor Lighting, Up Lighting, and Signature Monogram

Your investment: $1,100.00


Everything from The Junior Package plus Dancing in the Clouds. It’s not a chemical fog that’s going to irritate the sinuses or affect asthma sufferers or set off the fire alarm.  It’s cool water vapor, H2O, a dense white cloud-like effect in appearance, evaporating quickly but for the immediate effect, it washes over the dance floor giving the impression that your students are dancing in the clouds.  Especially exciting for Grand Entrances, pictures, slow dances and as light enhancement throughout the night.

MCDJ, Audio System, Dance Floor Lighting, Up Lighting, Signature Monogram, and Dancing In The Clouds

Your investment: $1,300.00


Everything from The Senior Package PLUS a 70" Plasma TV Screen, color video camera and video operator. We’ll scan and project the audience; even join the celebrants on the dance floor for immediate video playback on our big screen. Guests also are able to text messages direct to our screen! (we reserve the right to pre-screen messages before they post for suitability). It’s a visual enhancement that gets immediate attention and adds to the excitement of the night’s party fun!

MCDJ, Audio System, Dance Floor Lighting, Up Lighting, Signature Monogram, Dancing In The Clouds, and 70" Video Screen, Camera and, additional Operator

Your investment: $1,800.00


This is a package enhancement available for any package above.
KARAOKE! Everyone likes to sing! Combine Dancing with Singing and you’ve got a 1-2 punch party event that everyone will enjoy!!  Many schools utilize Karaoke as an “Idol” event, making a contest of it and offering prizes to singers!

  • 100,000 LEGAL Song Selections
  • Video Singer and Audience Screens
  • Combined or separate sound system
  • 2 Wireless Microphones

Add Karaoke to any package above for $100.00 additional during the DJ show or
Add Karaoke in a separate room away from the dancing for $300.00 (requires 2nd system and operator)

Schools also have parties that are less formal: Homecoming, After Game, Valentines, Winter and Spring Formal, Incentive, Fund Raisers, Monthly or Quarterly Sock Hops and Foot Functions. These events require much less production planning than proms and are often less expensive to produce.  We will work with you in your budget so you can get the most for your money. We try not to turn away any business that comes our way. Call us with your plan, tell us what your budget is and if there is an available compromise, we'll say yes! 


Great Value
Our base of operations is in Abilene, Texas! All of the above pricing is our standard rate for shows occurring within a 200 mile radius of Abilene. That takes in a lot of territory but for us, it's worth the trip to make your school a happy client.  Are we within traveling distance to your school?  Google your town to our town.  If it's 200 miles or less, CALL US!

The Grunt Factor
All of our shows are designed to be loaded in by one person. Unfortunately some venues make this impossible and we sometimes do require "extra" help. If your venue involves a particularly difficult load-in such as no stairs up to the next level or the elevator is not operating that day or if you've given us only 30 minutes to set up or break down a two hour build we may require some additional help and will have to charge you accordingly


Whoever you hire, hire them sooner --- than later!
Many schools.  Fewer qualified, experienced DJs.  Reserve your entertainment this week.  Don't put it off. Usually by February of any year, the smart planner has reserved their DJ entertainment! We typically fill our openings right after school starts for the year and many times the night of the preceding year's prom itself! We do a lot of return business! Using our CHECK YOUR DATE APP or using the date checker widget in the left hand column, fill in your information and we'll get back to you this week.