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The following are links to view the lighting effects that we use in our shows. Not all lighting effects you see here are included in every show, but this will give you an idea of what we invest in to insure that the visual effects at your party are top of the line.

One of our effects is the Chauvet Colorband Pix M, a dynamic color bar wash effect that we use to saturate the dance floor with brilliant beams of multi colored lights. It’s an incredible lighting effect and produces a varied light show that is ever changing throughout the night.

We also utilize the Chauvet Intimidator Duo, a dual moving head fixture that spins and turns multiple beams of bright white and colored lights, creating exciting special effects on the dance floor, the walls around the floor and the ceiling.

For the ‘old skool effect’ using futuristic LED lighting technology, we use the Chauvet Hemisphere rotating “mirror ball”.

For multi pattern effects all over the dance floor, check out our Chauvet Cubix 2.0

Check out the awesome Chauvet Moon Flower effects lights, called the 4-Play, it’s great in any event large and small.

Multi Color strip beams are all the rage and we proudly utilize Lumin Lights Ogre 16s

For up lighting and wall washing, we use the Chauvet Freedom Pars and Mini Strips

For gobo name projection, what we call Signature Monograms, we utilize the ADJ ICON.

Lights are great and we support our fixtures on several different pro stands and frames, including The Chauvet Trusst Goal Post Kit.

The Chauvet Wedge warms our Trusst and T Bars

Let’s Go Techno with our ADJ Profile Panel RGB

Thinking about your next Black Out Party?
UV happy with our Chauvet LED Shadow Black Light Wash Panels, great for the immediate dance floor area.

We would love for you to hear our speakers, but your computer speakers are what they are and won’t give you a sonically true impression of the speakers that we use to produce the sound presence you’ll want at your party. Just be assured that our speakers are the best of each line we use, including the Alto True Sonic TS-115As, TS-112As and the small but powerful TS-110As; the Behringer B215D and B212Ds, the B1500D-Pro subwoofer; and the Mackie TH-15A Thumps. Yes we are proud of our sound. Yes we have owned JBL, QSC and others but have found that for the most durability and best bang for the buck for Proms and Weddings, we find these speakers to be among the best.

We promote LEGAL Karaoke. In order to be LEGAL, we utilize only professional providers, including:

  • for our commercial streaming content at our Karaoke shows
  • for our interface Karaoki app we use to produce our Karaoke shows
  • for direct purchase downloads of all the latest and oldest releases