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Lights! Camera! Action! It's party time!!! One of the most favorite party events of all time is the KARAOKE sing-a-long explosion. The wave of excitement that Karaoke brings as an addition or as a stand-a-lone event will make you and your guests THE STARS OF THE SHOW!

We have the largest and most diverse LEGAL Karaoke music libraries that you will find in Texas. While we won't boast of 100,000 song libraries, what we will boast of is that we have the songs people want to sing, past present and future. We are professional event music DJs every weekend of the month. But Week Nights, we produce over a dozen Karaoke shows around the state Mondays through Fridays. And that's worth boasting about.

Our collection encompasses all kinds of songs that appeal to all ages but we have edited our collection to help keep it clean for everyone's enjoyment. Have a particular song in mind? Ask us for it. If we don't have it, we'll get it if it's commercially available from either Sound Choice or Chartbusters.


Speaking of, we are a licensed to play the entire 12,000+ Certified Karaoke catalog and an additional 19,000 songs through Karaoke Cloud Pro streaming service. These are two very important legal licenses, because so many of today's Karaoke Jocks play music that has been stolen off of the internet. By stealing their music, they can "afford" to offer it to you for next to nothing. Our prices for stand alone or add on are higher simply because we are legal! We support live music in all it's forms but order to do so, we must pay the fees required for performing acts and yes this includes your rights to sing Karaoke at your party! Bootleggers face legal ramifications of using stolen music. Basically it's Pay legally now or Pay for your illegal use later---IN JAIL! So, what we are saying here is this: Our shows won't be interrupted by any government agents, unless of course they've turned in their own song request to sing!

For Karaoke, we provide:

  • A Knowledgeable DJ who has worked in the Karaoke industry 
  • Our large professional karaoke world championship collection
  • State of the Art sound equipment
  • Singer and Audience video monitors so you can see the words on screen
  • Wired professional microphones (wireless on request, additional charge
  • Song Books, Song Slips and Pencils 
  • An exciting light show
  • Props available upon request, additional cost
  • And of course unlimited event coordination with the parent or planner
  • Add karaoke as an upgrade to your event or as a stand alone talent party
  • A small deposit required to reserve your date
  • Special discounts available for NON SATURDAY parties!

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