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       Premiere Proms and Parties understands that your party is a unique, one of a kind celebration event, so in preparing the music for your special night, we ask for your participation in our music making decisions.
       We always ask for an advance playlist so that we may plan for all your favorite songs. But in doing so, we are also making sure that what we play songs that are acceptable to the school administration, the parent group, the parent or whoever is in charge of the party on your night
       We want you to have fun, but responsible music decisions are foremost in our minds when creating the fun party atmosphere you want! Rest assured that we don't just play songs, our experienced DJs will MIX the music, making sure your dance floor doesn't miss a beat all night.
       Premiere Proms and Parties DJs uses professional audio sound equipment specifically designed for your venue area that is neither too loud or too soft.
       Our sound is focused primarily on the dance floor area, allowing for conversation and quieter areas off the dance floor.
       Our light show includes popular L.E.D. effects that send bright beams of multi-colored lights across the dance floor and the room, giving it that ‘club like’ effect you’d find in many of the area’s dance clubs.
       We do not use chemical based fog as this does pose a risk to asthma sufferers and tends to set off the fire alarms which is definitely a downer to any party! But we do offer water based cloud effects for an optional cost for those wanting the ‘Dancing in the Clouds’s effect. Also we do not use strobe lights either, unless requested. Again we have recognized that some strobing frequencies can be a health issue for people with certain health issues.
       But overall, we want you to know that we have invested thousands of dollars to buy the best equipment on the market to ensure that we put on an incredible show every time! For more details on what types of lighting fixtures we use, refer to our LINKS page.
       Now about our music. We purchase our music legally from Promo Only, the leading DJ music supplier in America. They offer exclusive ‘clean’ edits of todays hottest songs, very important to school administrators who have an ear for songs that are ‘not suitable’.
       In addition we are members in good standing with The School Dance Network, a professional music auditing company that reviews every new release that hits the top pop, country and latin music charts and in turn advises responsible DJs like us what is suitable and unsuitable to play in school dance situations.
       In our contract we will ask for a variety of information and most importantly, for a list of the songs that you want to play…and songs that you don’t want us to play. This is your party, you can be as interactive in the planning stages as you want, or you can leave it all up to us to insure that the party starts and never stops until the end of the night.