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Welcome to The Web Site that offers you more value for your PARTY budget dollars than any other on the internet!

Premiere Proms & Parties offers you diverse, professional and reliable DJ entertainers for anything musically inclined!

Our team of knowledgeable DJs and MCs have experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry, having performed for Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Corporate Holiday Parties, Conventions, Festivals, Country Clubs, Dinner Dances, Fund Raisers, Awards Banquets, Birthday Parties, Proms, Night Clubs, Hotel Galas, Graduation Parties, Community Events, Grand Openings, Restaurants, Fraternity/Sorority Functions, Church events, Military Balls and So. Much. More. If the event is music related, our DJs can provide your entertainment solution!


We feature state professional grade sound systems including pro DJ mixers, amps and speakers that will put your audience into the middle of a LIVE CLUB EXPERIENCE, with sound and lights focused on the center of the dance floor, yet not so loud that it would overwhelm your seated audience with unnecessary noise.


Our dazzling light show provides multiple digital effects including LEDs, scanners and lasers that sweep the dance floor, walls and ceiling with brilliant shapes and colors. Add to that our Premiere Package which includes your choice of SIGNATURE MONOGRAM LIGHTING which blazes your event name across the dance floor or wall and UP LIGHT COLORIZATION that can literally transform your venue into any color you want, from soft to vibrant. All of our lighting is either truss or T-bar positioned around our DJ equipment except for up lighting which is positioned along the walls and focus points.


We are proud members of THE SCHOOL DANCE NETWORK, which promotes CLEAN PARTY MUSIC approved for use in all schools and social settings.

Our music library, consisting of 15,000 CLEAN Radio hits, is one of the largest and most diversified libraries that you will find in the State, updated DAILY   by PROMO ONLY, America's #1 music source for professional DJs.

With Great Music from the Birth of Rock 'n Roll to Disco and the 80s into the 21st Century of newest hits, we have all of the songs your partiers will recognize and love! Add in everyone's favorite line dances, 2-steps, slow and fast mixes, cumbia and a host of other genre's A to Z (that you can select from) and We've Got The Party Started for a Full Night of non-stop entertainment that will put your patrons on the dance floor and keep them there!

Getting the picture?
On the tab section to the left, you can review our music, listen to samples, build your own play list or if you'd rather, just tell us what your favorite songs, artists or genres are and our experienced music entertainer will take over from there to create the best dancing experience for your party!



Whether you want an all day or night Karaoke event or want to add it to your dance package, Karaoke is a fun and exciting way for your guests to express themselves. We offer a certified LEGAL and CLEAN Karaoke music collection of favorite hits past and present, featuring some of the most requested and popular hits you hear in all formats on the radio!


Want a twist on the standard definition of DJ DANCE? We have over 10,000 music videos which include most all of the Top 40 Hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s up through TODAY! These are the very same MTV Hot Music Videos produced and edited by PROMO ONLY, in full color and high definition.

Imagine the added fun and excitement as your students dance along with their favorite artists, refining their own or discovering new dance steps as these Video Hits display on our huge projection screen! The effect is totally awesome!

This is an additional premium add-on, see our pricing page for further details!